What Is Law?


What is law? Law is the practice and discipline of the law. It is concerned with the rules of conduct that govern a community. These rules are enforced through a controlling authority. Without laws, we would have to rely on our own self-defense and federal banking protection. Moreover, a law gives predictability to our daily lives, leading to wider social structures and increased productivity. However, not all laws are created equal. There are important differences between a law and a rule.

Case method: Case method involves analyzing and comparing legal cases and judicial opinions. Students are asked to analyze the legal principles applied to the facts and formulate answers to essay questions. Moreover, the professor encourages students to compare and contrast cases with similar precedents. These skills help them prepare their essay answers. Moreover, students learn how to write legal memos and research. The main goal of law school education is to empower students with the knowledge and understanding to make smart decisions.

First-year law students usually have one exam at the end of the semester. They must prepare for it by drafting an outline. They may also have to complete a series of graded assignments throughout the semester. First-year law students bond over their shared backgrounds and challenges and make friends easily. However, unlike high-school students, they may experience a higher level of competition than those in their peers. Moreover, the social life of first-year law students is highly regulated.

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