What is Law?


What is law? A law is a set of rules that govern a society. While laws do not necessarily state what must occur, they do define the rules individuals must follow. In some cases, a law can be derived from another source, such as the Quran or the Bible. However, in many cases, laws have been created through human elaboration. For example, the Quran contains some law, which serves as a basis for further law through interpretation, analogy, or Ijma.

The power to make laws is a function of political power. If a society is unruly or corrupt, a political-legal authority will be ineffective in resolving the conflict. A good law can help make a society orderly and safe. The Canadian legal system protects individual rights and applies the same standard to everyone. In Canada, police officers, governments, and public officials must abide by the law. But the role of law in a society is not as clear-cut.

A law is a set of rules that govern behavior and can be found in many different sources. Some definitions of law have been found in dictionaries, a thesaurus, and medical or financial encyclopedias. A law is recognized by a controlling authority and can punish violators with criminal and civil liability. In the United States, laws are made by federal, state, and local legislatures. State governors and judges also make laws.

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