Vault Career Guide to Law, Third Edition

The Vault Career Guide to Law, Third Edition, provides an insider’s view on the law and government, and is ideal for anyone considering a career in law. The guide offers links to helpful and reliable sites from all jurisdictions, and focuses on legal sites that provide full texts of laws and regulations, as well as commentary from lawyers to other lawyers. It also covers topics such as how to make an excellent resume and how to find the right job.

guide to law

The guide also provides commentary, models, and tips. I found the Bluebook to be incredibly frustrating during my first year, but it was an excellent reference when I was on the law journal board. The Bluepages section of the book is a mini-guide to court documents, and often contradicts the normal non-bluepage rules. To avoid any potential misunderstandings, I recommend reading local court citation rules and consulting a legal reference book instead.

The Bluebook is a great resource, and has commentary, models, and tips to help you navigate the law. I used it for my first year and on the law journal board, and I was very frustrated with the information contained in the book. I also liked the Bluepages section, which is like a mini-guide to court documents. While sometimes the Bluepage rules differ from the normal ones, they’re still based on the non-bluepage rules. The authors also recommend that you check the rules in your state courts. This information can be found on Table 1 of the Bluebook.

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