The Vault Career Guide to Law

guide to law

The Vault Career Guide to Law is an annotated resource that provides a basic overview of the law and government. It includes links to useful and reliable sites covering a wide variety of subjects. It also includes information from different jurisdictions, ranging from state and federal law to court decisions. This tool will help readers build a solo practice to national litigation firms. It will also help readers master the job search process. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for an updated reference, this guide will help you find the right resources for your job search.

The book is organized in four parts. The first part covers what students will be tested on and how to improve their scores. The second part examines the skills required to succeed as a law student, such as how to analyze legal materials and formulate clear arguments. The third part deals with how to choose the right path. The final part explores career options outside the classroom. For students considering a career in the law, this book can be extremely helpful.

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