The Vault Career Guide to Law, Third Edition

guide to law

For those of you who are considering a career in law, the Vault Career Guide to Law, Third Edition, will provide you with an insider’s view of the industry, from how to break in to how to succeed once you get in. The guide covers topics such as job search, breaking into the industry, and national litigation firms. It also explains how to establish a solo practice and master job search. This is a must-have resource for anyone pursuing a career in law.

This guide includes helpful links to primary and secondary sources of information for any legal matter. It also contains annotated lists of legal materials published by foreign countries, such as government gazettes. The Guide to Law Online provides an overview of the characteristics and content of online government gazettes in English. It also lists secondary sources and other useful resources for foreign law. The Guide to Law Online has a list of online sources of primary law, which may not be freely available in the country you are studying.

A Student’s Guide to Law School will help you make smart choices throughout the legal education process. The guide is written by a recent law school graduate, Andrew Ayers, who graduated first in his class. Andrew Ayers shares his own experience during law school. His notes were compiled in his commuting to his first clerkship with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. He has refined his notes throughout his early years as a practicing lawyer.

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