The Purpose and Application of Law


Law is the profession and discipline concerned with determining rules of behavior in a society. These rules are acknowledged by the community and are enforced by a controlling authority. Many different areas of law are studied, including criminal law, civil law, and international law. There are many important aspects of law, including the purpose and application of a law.

The purpose of law is to control human behavior and prevent conflict. Law helps to create a cooperative environment in society by defining rules that should be followed. It also helps to resolve conflicts of interest that can arise. One of the earliest theories of law was a pure theory by Hans Kelsen. According to this theory, the existence of law is a reflection of society.

There are different types of law, depending on the context. For example, religious and secular law may have completely different meanings. In a religious system, religious rules govern family matters, while secular laws cover public and commercial law. England, for example, had a secular system until the 1850s. Some other countries have both types of laws.

Another important part of a good law system is that it is intelligible and accessible to people of all backgrounds. Many people are not lawyers and may not understand all the legal terms. Fortunately, there are legal institutions available to help laypeople navigate the legal system. These institutions help settle disputes and protect people from abuses of power.

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