The Process of a Lawsuit

A lawsuit is a legal action that someone or a group of people brings to a civil court to resolve a dispute. It can involve issues of private or public law and monetary damages.

The Process of a Lawsuit

A suit is usually initiated by one party (the plaintiff) and involves various procedures before it goes to trial. The process includes discovery, which requires each side to provide information to the other about their case. It may also include a deposition, where the defendant is questioned by an attorney under oath about facts in their case.

The Process of a Class Action

A class action lawsuit is a type of civil lawsuit in which all of the members of the group are represented by a lawyer. It is usually filed in a state or federal court and is often the easiest way for a plaintiff to bring a lawsuit because the requirements for class membership are not typically as strict as for individual claims.

A jury – A panel of people selected according to law and sworn to inquire into and declare a verdict on matters of fact. In civil suits, juries can have six members and in criminal trials, twelve.

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