The Complete Guide to Law

guide to law

Guide to Law

The laws affect every aspect of our lives but most people don’t know their rights or how to exercise them. This classic legal reference answers hundreds of everyday legal questions in easy-to-understand language. This fully revised edition is the definitive home legal reference.

In compiling this research guide, emphasis has been placed on sites offering the full texts of laws and regulations, as well as case law and commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. However, the scope of this guide is broad and includes information on government sites, as well as those intended for the general public.

To help researchers identify and locate relevant information more efficiently, this research guide is organized by subject matter and by jurisdiction. In addition, there is an alphabetical listing of important subjects and terms for the researcher to review as a starting point in the search for legal information. This research guide also provides a link to Wex, a free online legal dictionary and encyclopedia sponsored by the Legal Information Institute.

The legal landscape is constantly changing, and although the information in this guide is reviewed periodically, DMLP cannot guarantee that it will be entirely accurate or up to date. As a result, this guide is not offered as a substitute for individualized legal advice.

This guide is designed to work like a book, with a table of contents on the right-hand side of the page and links to the previous and next pages at the bottom of each section. Click on any of the section titles to navigate through the guide.

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