The Business Guide to Law

guide to law

There are many books on law firms and how to grow a law practice, but The Business Guide to Law is unique in that it takes a business-oriented approach to answering key questions related to running a law firm. Written by an experienced attorney, the guide is a helpful resource for those interested in starting a law firm and growing it to its full potential. It addresses important issues such as the amount of time required to build a successful practice.

The guide also includes interactive features for the student. The interactive version is geared towards first-generation law students and introduces key vocabulary and resources to help students succeed. Other features include information about how to prepare for law school, join extracurriculars, and take care of one’s mental health. The book also contains interactive exercises that encourage students to reflect on their own interests and explore resources available to them.

Annotated legal resources are another important part of a guide to law. This resource provides links to helpful and reputable legal sites across different jurisdictions. Many of the links in this resource include full texts of laws and regulations. Some sites also include commentary written by lawyers for other lawyers. These are all great resources for those who are searching for legal information.

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