The Business Guide to Law by Kerry M Lavelle

guide to law

There are several books on starting and growing a law practice. But The Business Guide to Law is different. This book focuses on the business aspect of a law firm and answers crucial questions. It grows out of the experience of author Kerry M. Lavelle. This guide will help you understand the time, resources, and strategy required to grow your practice. It contains an overview of key topics like how to find clients and how to build a successful law firm.

The book is organized into four parts. The first part examines grades and tests, while the second part addresses the skills needed to succeed as a law student, such as analyzing legal materials and developing persuasive arguments. The third part covers career choices, including internships, entry-level jobs, and graduate school admissions. A student’s guide is essential in preparing for law school. It can serve as a personal mentor and help navigate the legal system.

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