The Business Guide to Law by Andrew Ayers

guide to law

If you are thinking of starting a law firm or expanding an existing law practice, there are many resources available. The Business Guide to Law is a unique resource that focuses on the business side of a law firm and covers the essential questions you should ask yourself. Developed from the author’s own experiences, this book covers everything from the time you need to start a law firm to the financial resources you will need to expand your practice.

It is an annotated reference to legal resources online, providing links to useful and reliable legal sites from various jurisdictions. The focus is on sites that provide full-texts of laws, regulations, and case laws, as well as commentary by lawyers for other lawyers. Although not an exhaustive resource, the Guide is an invaluable resource that is highly recommended for those who need to find legal information online.

The book is written by Andrew Ayers, a recent graduate of a top law school and an appellate lawyer. His advice is timely and practical, and he provides tips for a successful law school experience. While his notes were made on the train to his first clerkship under Judge Sonia Sotomayor, they were further refined during his first two years as a practicing lawyer.

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