The Benefits of a Career in Law


Law is a set of rules that are enacted by a government or social institution to regulate behavior. It is an important pillar of democracy and a foundation for society.

A person may be legally entitled to a right under law, such as a claim-right (Kamm 2002: 476) or a statutory-right to justice (Hohfeld 1919: 50-57). Legal powers are the innate or legally recognized ability to alter one’s normative position; for example, legislative power entitles citizens to participate in the legislature; prosecutors are authorized to prosecute crime; estate and contract law empower individuals to create wills and enter into contractual obligations.

The study of law develops the efficiency to argue from evidence in a way that others find difficult; it cultivates superior communication skills, strong problem-solving talents, and independent thought. It also prepares graduates for a variety of settings and transitions in their careers.

Opportunity to Earn More and Be Rich: A career in law gives you the chance to earn more than many other professions. For instance, if you’re involved in a high profile case, your fees will be higher than other lawyers.

Chance to Have Respect of Society: Lawyers are highly respected by society, as they have a keen sense of what is right and wrong. As a result, they are able to establish good relations with their clients and the people around them.

Opportunities to Travel: Working in a big law firm means that you can travel to different locations. This can be a refreshing change and help you get a better understanding of other cultures.

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