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Evolution of smart phone devices like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc. has changed the way of individuals brooding about mobile game development before. Developing an equivalent for iOS, android or blackberry devices might be quite attention seeking process, specifically if you’ve got just entered into mobile game development. Many experienced mobile application developers, albeit having years of experience in developing sort of mobile apps, fails to develop successful games thanks to forgetting a number of the important gaming aspects.
Developing a game for mobile has become vital a part of mobile application development industry thanks to its immensely growing popularity. If you’re taking baby steps into mobile gaming and need to start out with bang, then do confine mind below mentioned do’s and don’ts for mobile game development.
• Do confine mind the restrictions of mobile devices! Many novice mobile developers often forget the sensible limitations of mobile devices while developing game for mobile devices, which results in failure of an equivalent at the top .
• Don’t copy some already popular games! Many developers often copy already successful games to form their first mobile game development process less complex, because it won’t assist you get attention from audience . Don’t just blindly copy, but take idea from it or take it to next level together with your imagination.
Do confine mind screen resolution of mobile game development devices! it’s very crucial to style game by keeping in mind sort of devices available in market. Android comes in sort of handsets with different resolution, whereas iPhone has different screen size. So, decide the device first to develop successful game.
• do not forget the importance of appropriate marketing and promotion! The success of your game is heavily trusted the way you project your creation through marketing and promotion. Plan and workout on marketing strategies from the start will assist you get success of your mobile.
• Do confine mind who is your audience and what they expect from your game! Decide your mobile game development audience first, whether you would like to style creation for toddlers or kids or for youth, and check out to understand what actually they expect and need . attempt to conduct some research and feedback for an equivalent .
• do not forget the importance of sound! Sound is vital element of mobile game, so do pay lot more attention while incorporating sound within an equivalent . It should be appropriate and suitable to the sort of game you’ve got developed.
• Do attempt to release your game with free version to urge instant catch by audience .
• Don’t overlook UI and character design of your creation.
• Do get conversant in different game engines and SDK’s of various platforms.
According to a recent report from Geekaphone, mobile gaming technologies like mobile game development are one among the fastest growing technology sectors in 2011. To prove this, all that’s needed to try to to is just to require a better check out the industry’s numbers: revenue within the mobile show business is predicted to be $8 billion in 2011. Come 2014, revenues are expected to exceed $11 billion. Furthermore these are the foremost popular paid apps within the Apple App Store and have accounted for 72% of all downloads of the foremost popular apps.



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