Illustrated Guide to Law

guide to law

The Illustrated Guide to Law is a resource that provides an easy-to-understand overview of legal topics. Written for a general audience, it starts with a simple presumption that readers know little about the law and advances in baby steps to more complex discussions. Many of the illustrations feature antagonistic offspring and their fathers on opposing sides of a legal argument. Author Kerry M. Lavelle admits that he initially thought nobody would read it, so he started out with rough-and-tumble art and later realized that people were actually reading the book!

The Guide to Law Online provides links to reliable and useful websites that contain legal information. It covers various jurisdictions, and focuses on legal sites that provide full texts of laws and regulations. It also includes commentary from lawyers writing for lawyers. Although there is no single source of legal information, the Guide to Law Online is an excellent resource for researchers seeking to learn more about a legal topic.

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