How to Write a Lawsuit


Lawsuits are civil cases that result in money damages or a court order to enforce the rights of the parties involved. The plaintiff brings the lawsuit, and the defendant defends it.

The Complaint (the “Complaint”) contains all of the factual allegations and legal claims in your case. It is the document that you submit to the court clerk when you file your lawsuit.

You must also include a court-issued summons. This summons alerts the defendant that you have filed a lawsuit against them and gives them a set period of time to respond to it.

The complaint is the first step in your case, and it should be prepared carefully. It should comply with the applicable federal, state, and local rules, and it must allege sufficient facts to support your claims and request appropriate types of damages. In particular, your complaint must plead meritorious causes of action that will survive a motion to dismiss. You should request compensatory and punitive damages, depending on the claims you are asserting.

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