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guide to law

Guide to Law Online is a free, annotated guide to sources of legal information worldwide. It contains links to online government gazettes, legal sites, and other sources. The guide also includes commentary from lawyers writing for other lawyers.

A Law Student’s Guide is a useful resource for prospective and newly admitted law students. It addresses topics such as lawyer ethics, law practice, and important legal education principles. Each section of the guide ends with career advice, lists of courses and opportunities, and famous lawyer biographies.

A “Doing Business” guide is a summary of the business laws of a jurisdiction. Typical topics include intellectual property law, bankruptcy law, and telecommunications. They are usually written by practitioners and tend to focus on large economies.

In addition to the main guide, there is an interactive version. This includes a list of questions to ask before enrolling in a law school, guidance on preparing for law school, and suggestions on joining extracurriculars. There are also interactive exercises to encourage students to explore resources and reflect on their interests.

There are also GlobaLex guides that provide links to primary and secondary sources. These include country guides, print sources, and online sources. However, they are not necessarily accurate in other jurisdictions. For that reason, the guide is not a substitute for legal advice.

While these guides are primarily used for educational purposes, they may be republished or modified. If you have a suggestion or an idea for a new guide, please fill out the Research Guides Comments form.

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