Everybody’s Guide to the Law

guide to law

This guide provides a broad overview of the law and how it works in the real world. It is intended to be helpful for those who need a general understanding of the law, and who may not have had any formal legal training.

While a host of Web sites and books claim to help people understand the law, few do so as comprehensively as this essential home reference. Everybody’s Guide to the Law explains the laws that affect us all—from age discrimination and drug testing to child labor, rights of the disabled, sexual harassment, downsizing, wrongful discharge, immigration reform, and more.

Using plain language, this guide helps readers evaluate the quality of information on government and law websites. Emphasis is placed on sites that offer the full texts of laws and regulations, along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. Resources focusing on a particular jurisdiction or type of specialized legal research are also included.

Aspiring and current law students will find this useful as they navigate the challenges of law school. The guide will familiarize them with law school vocabulary and available resources, offer guidance on how to prepare for class participation, exams, and other requirements of the law school experience, and address a range of other important topics such as networking, extracurricular activities, and mental health and wellness.

This guide is being developed by the Digital Media Law Project (DMLP) at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and CALI, with generous funding from the National Science Foundation and support from the Law Library Association of America. It is not intended to replace individualized legal advice from an attorney.

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