Everybody’s Guide to the Law

guide to law

Everybody’s Guide to the Law is a comprehensive, user-friendly source of easy-to-understand practical legal information most people need. Its straightforward language demystifies the law and empowers readers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives. This fully revised and updated edition is a must-have for any home library.

This research guide covers both US federal and state jurisdictions and includes many useful resources for locating online versions of laws, regulations, and court decisions as well as for finding articles that address legal issues. It is intended primarily for law students but would be useful to any interested individual doing legal research.

The guide is structured as a book and the table of contents can be accessed by clicking on the page/section titles. Each section has a summary of what the topic is about and then links to relevant information and sites for further research. A list of “child pages” follows each chapter, if applicable, for easier navigation.

In addition, this research guide provides a general introduction to the Bluebook rules for citing a wide range of types of legal sources. The guide’s use of plain language and numerous examples makes it easy for students, professors, practitioners, and anyone else to understand.

This guide focuses on the laws, rules and regulations of New York State. It also includes a directory of the judges of the New York State Courts and information on the Lawyers Fund for Client Protection, the Office of Court Administration and the New York State Judicial Conduct Commission.

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