A Student’s Guide to Law School

guide to law

Guides to law are research resources that help researchers find specific types of legal information. They often include an annotated list of websites and other sources where the user can find information on a particular topic. They may also provide links to other guides to law on the internet, in libraries, or in the law library.

Law is a complex and intimidating area of study. It can be hard to understand and even harder to apply, but it is crucial for those who wish to participate in society. This book offers an accessible introduction to the law, demystifying a system that is too important to be left unexplored.

Written by a recent top-ranked law school graduate and practicing appellate lawyer, A Student’s Guide to Law School combines insider’s knowledge and professional advice to help future lawyers navigate the unique challenges of this highly specialized field. Using the tips and techniques that Ayers developed as a first-generation law student himself, this indispensable guide introduces students to the vocabulary and resources they will encounter in the classroom, helps them get organized and prepare for tests, teaches them how to participate in class and take notes, encourages involvement in extracurricular activities and community service, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining mental health throughout law school.

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