A Guide to Writing Legal Articles

guide to law

Whether you’re writing an article for the local paper, or a scholarly piece for law review, legal articles should be written in a way that is easy to read. This means using a clear, concise style and avoiding jargon or overly complicated terms. You can also try to write in a format that is easily readable on a screen, such as using google docs instead of microsoft word, so that other people can edit or comment on the work later.

The guide is an annotated list of sources for law and government information on the Internet. It focuses on sites that offer the full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions, as well as commentary from lawyers who write primarily for other lawyers. It also includes sites that are designed to be useful for members of the public, as well as sites that are operated by government agencies and those that have been designated by the American Association of Law Libraries as meeting its Guiding Principles for Access to Legal Information on Government Websites.

This research guide focuses on the New York state legal system. It discusses the process of researching New York state law and provides instruction on finding primary sources that are available in the New York legal system, as well as secondary sources that are frequently used by New York practitioners. It also explains how Harvard Law School affiliates can access New York law materials through this library’s resources.

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