A Guide to the Law

guide to law

Articles in this guide answer popular legal questions using language that is easy to understand. Legal topics are organized into broad categories such as “Federal Law,” or more specific ones like “Property Rights.” These guides are helpful for both experienced legal researchers and those undertaking legal research for the first time.

When a library has an extern from a state or country other than its own, librarians must familiarize themselves with the law of that jurisdiction to do proper research. This guide provides a portal to resources from federal, international, foreign, state, local, and tribal jurisdictions. It is a valuable tool for the researcher as it aggregates the information and provides links to resources that are easily accessible from any computer.

This study aid helps students manage the demands of law school with reliable frameworks (backed by cognitive neuroscience) for handling reading assignments, classes, taking exams, and joining extracurricular activities, all the way to succeeding as an associate in a firm. The first section covers a wide variety of regional resources, while the second part contains more in-depth substantive chapters grouped by subject area such as public health, space, human rights law, group rights, intellectual property and international trade.

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