A Guide to the Law

guide to law

Whether you are a lawyer or just curious about the law, you may have questions. Many legal topics are complex and specialized, but it is important for everyone to understand some basics so that they can seek proper guidance when necessary. The following article aims to provide you with a guide to the law in an easy-to-understand format.

Developed to assist with international legal research, this guide addresses specific jurisdictional limitations and features an overview of regional geopolitical information. The substantive chapters are organized by subject area and begin with a general overview of international law, then move to topics such as space law, human rights, group rights, intellectual property, and more. Each section provides an overview of the legal landscape and links to primary and secondary sources for each topic.

Looseleaf services are a great way to gather multiple sources of legal information and often come with the added bonus of an index. Many are available in print, and some have online versions, or supplements (like Black’s Law Dictionary) that can be accessed by searching the title or index for your particular topic.

When a student or an extern calls from another state or country asking for help, it can be time-consuming to familiarize yourself with the law of that jurisdiction. This guide is a collection of the resources that can be found in New York, and also offers instruction on how Harvard Law School affiliates can access these materials.

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