A Guide to Law School

Law School

For many aspiring lawyers, law school can be a joyous and soul-transforming challenge that leads to a rewarding career. But it can also be an exhausting and self-limiting trap, if students don’t make smart decisions. In this guide, Andrew Ayers shares the lessons he learned from his own experiences in law school–the knowledge that he jotted down while on his commute to a clerkship with then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor–and gives readers a roadmap for navigating the challenges of studying, taking exams, and networking, so they can get the most out of their education.

Legal Research Resources

This guide focuses on sites offering the full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. However, materials related to law and government written by or for lay persons are also included.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Law and Government

This research guide includes articles that answer many popular legal questions about over 100 legal topics. These articles are written by attorneys using easy-to-understand language. In addition, these articles have been categorized by the subject matter in which they address the issue.

The Digital Media Law Project (DMLP) provides this guide as a resource to the general public, as a free service. This resource should not be considered a substitute for individual legal advice. It should be used only as a starting point for individualized legal research. The DMLP cannot provide legal advice or opinions on specific issues, nor can it represent you in any litigation.

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