A Guide to Law Online and A Student’s Guide to Law School

guide to law

The Guide to Law Online is a comprehensive, annotated resource for all things law and government. It contains links to reliable, useful sites from many jurisdictions. The Guide focuses on full-text law and regulation websites, court decisions, and legal commentary from other lawyers. Unlike many other online law reference books, the Guide includes a large number of jurisdiction-specific resources. For instance, it contains information about the law of the UK, Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

A Student’s Guide to Law School offers a wealth of information on the business of law. Written by a recent top-ranked law school graduate, the book is relevant and practical. Author Kerry M. Lavelle provides helpful tools and advice on how to establish a successful law firm. She also discusses the time required to build a law firm. The guide also offers a step-by-step process for starting a solo practice or national litigation firm.

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