A Guide to Law Online

Many things need legal interpretation and knowledge of law is critical to people’s lives. While it is impossible for laypeople to understand every aspect of law, knowing the basics can help them avoid problems. These include avoiding the risk of fraud, preserving privacy and avoiding other risks.

It’s also important for librarians to know how to access the legal information in different jurisdictions. For example, when externs call from a different state or country, librarians need to have access to information from that jurisdiction in order to do proper research. Fortunately, there are online resources that can help with this.

This guide was created to help both novice and seasoned researchers find the right resources for their specific research needs. It offers a wide range of resources, from how to navigate the New York court system to resources on specific legal topics. It even includes information on finding legal aid if needed.

Another valuable resource is the section on evaluating legal information on the internet. It includes a helpful checklist for assessing the reliability of information found on the internet, as well as links to helpful websites. It’s also worth noting that this guide is only a starting point for researchers looking for information on a particular topic.

Finally, this guide provides links to the main full-text databases that Williams law students have access to (HeinOnline and Westlaw) as well as a list of index databases. However, there are countless resources that can be found on the internet and DMLP cannot provide a comprehensive listing of them all.

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