A Guide to Law Online

Law is complex and there are many things that need legal interpretation. It is not possible for a layperson or even a professional in the field to understand every aspect of law, however it is crucial that people know the basics so that they can ask the right questions to find the right answers.

This guide is designed to help with that task by aggregating and offering a portal to online sources for research on the law in multiple jurisdictions. Emphasis is placed on sites offering the full text of laws, regulations, and court decisions along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. Materials related to law and government that were written by or for lay persons also have been included.

If you have suggestions for additional resources that should be included in this guide, or if there are any errors or changes in addresses, conditions or contents that warrant revisions to the descriptions of these jurisdictional guides, please contact us via the Law Library’s Ask a Librarian form.

Please note that DMLP is not your lawyer and using this guide does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you have a specific legal question, please consult with a lawyer who practices where you live–laws vary from place to place, and laws can change quickly. This guide is intended merely to help you begin your legal research. For more information, see the DMLP disclaimer. Articles are written in plain English to make it easier for non-lawyers to understand the topic. Scannability is also important–use plenty of subheadings and bullet points to break up long passages of text.

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