A Guide to Law Online

Whether you’re considering a career in law or you’re an enthusiast with a passion for the legal system, a guide to law can help you. The guide is organized like a book, but with links to other pages. In addition to information about law schools, the guide also contains advice on preparing for the bar exam and mental health tips.

The guide is not without its naysayers. The guide’s editors will be the first to admit that they are not lawyers. For instance, it’s not a comprehensive listing of all the laws of the land. They also offer an Ask a Librarian form on which you can leave your suggestions.

In addition to its extensive list of websites, the Guide to Law Online also provides an annotated listing of some of the most useful resources. The site’s primary focus is on sites that offer full text of regulations, but there are other useful sources of information. The guide also includes commentary from lawyers who write for other lawyers.

While the guide is not overly detailed, it’s definitely worth checking out. The guide also includes a small number of interactive exercises that encourage students to reflect on their own interests while learning about the legal system. It’s not a foolproof system, but the guide is a good start.

The Guide to Law Online is a worthy successor to the Bluebook, but it’s a little bit clunky in comparison. Its main feature is an annotated listing of dozens of legal resources from various jurisdictions.

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