A Guide to Law by Andrew Ayers

A guide to law is a resource designed to assist researchers in finding the legal information they need. A research guide is similar to a reference book but is primarily arranged in a narrative form and often includes citations to statutes, administrative law and cases.

A legal guide can be used as a starting point for exploring a topic or as an extension of your existing research. A legal guide can also be a great way to learn about law and how it is practiced around the world.

There are many sources available online that can be useful in legal research. However, there are some important issues to consider when deciding whether a website is reliable and appropriate for your legal research needs.

This guide is a selective listing of online legal resources, focusing on sites offering the full texts of laws, regulations and court decisions, along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. Materials related to law and government that were written by or for lay persons, as well as government sites providing general information, are also included.

The guide is organized into several sections that address key issues students will face as they navigate the legal education process. It begins with an overview of the legal licensing process and then covers a range of topics including test preparation, study techniques and extracurricular activities.

The guide is relentlessly practical and thoroughly relevant to the law school experience of today’s students. Andrew Ayers, a recent top-ranked graduate and appellate lawyer, provides invaluable insight in this spirited book. It’s like having a personal mentor with you at every turn, sharing the secrets of his success in the law.

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