A Guide to Law

guide to law

A guide to law can be useful for someone who wants to learn more about legal issues. The guide may not be completely up to date, but it can provide an overview of the laws in the various jurisdictions. There are also some free online legal guides that offer an alternative to purchasing a book.

A Law Student’s Guide is designed for prospective law students. The guide explains the benefits of law school and gives practical advice on a variety of topics, including the law, legal analysis, and the practice of law.

“Doing Business in…” is a series of guides that focus on the law of a particular country. The guides provide summaries of the jurisdiction’s business law, including employment and bankruptcy laws, as well as intellectual property law. The materials are written by practitioners, rather than by researchers, and each section includes a list of legal topics, a brief description of the area of law, and career advice.

The California Automobile Insurance Law Guide concentrates on the structure of automobile insurance. It includes an interactive exercise that helps you explore the concepts. The guide is part of the CEB OnLAW program. The interactive exercises encourage you to consider your interests and what kinds of resources you want to use in your own studies.

The Guide to Law Online is a free annotated guide to sources of legal information. It offers descriptions of the contents of online government gazettes and links to reliable legal websites worldwide.

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