A Guide to Law

guide to law

Guide to law explains legal topics in plain language. Articles called “FAQ” contain answers to frequently asked questions about the law.

Law is a complex subject, and it’s impossible for anyone—including lawyers—to understand every aspect of it. However, a basic understanding of law is crucial for everyone to navigate life’s challenges. From criminal cases to divorces, it’s important to know how law works in order to avoid getting caught off guard by the unexpected.

Legal experts agree that the best way to understand law is to find a lawyer who practices in your area of interest and ask him or her for help. This will ensure that you get the best possible advice for your specific case.

This resource provides a list of helpful and reliable websites for locating government and law information online. The resources include full texts of laws and regulations, court decisions, and other primary sources in all fields of law, and also offer commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. The list is updated regularly. Each direct link was successfully tested before it was added to the guide, but researchers should be aware that links may change over time, and that the operational status of some sites can vary.

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