A Guide to Law

Law is complex and can be overwhelming. Legal experts often specialize in one or more areas of the law so that they can focus on what they know best and have the best chances of success. There are many things in our daily lives that need legal interpretations and guidance, including criminal cases, family disputes, and intellectual property disputes among others. Ignorance in these areas can lead to challenges, so people should always seek the advice of a legal expert.

Legal guides help users find the information they need to understand legal topics and issues, as well as learn how to navigate specialized databases and research tools. They are useful to both experienced researchers and those tackling legal research for the first time, and can serve as an introduction to a subject or a type of resource. These resources can also provide tips and tricks for handling the sometimes tricky tasks that come with conducting legal research, such as citing and using primary and secondary sources.

These collections of research and study guides connect users with library resources and reference materials on state, federal and international law topics. Many of these guides also provide valuable tips for navigating library resources and researching specific types of law, and are particularly helpful for students taking 1L courses or preparing for the bar exam. If you have information about a resource that is not included in these collections, or have comments about an existing guide, please submit suggestions via the Law Library’s Ask A Librarian form.

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