A Guide to Law

guide to law

Guide to Law

A legal article is an excellent way to express your views on various issues. However, writing a good article takes more than just knowledge of the law. It requires a good writing style and original phrasing. Moreover, you should avoid using cliches because readers will easily spot them. Instead, try to use phrases and words that are unique to you and your audience.

Legal research online is challenging and fraught with uncertainty. This guide aims to assist law students and other researchers by offering advice and recommendations for conducting online legal research. The information provided in this guide does not constitute individualized legal advice and should be used as a starting point for further research.

The interactive version of this guide is available in CALI Lawbooks.

In compiling this guide, emphasis was placed on sites containing the full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions, as well as commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. Sources that provide general information about government and law were also included, although in some cases the content of these sites has changed or may be out of date. Every direct link was successfully tested before inclusion in this guide, but the operation and reliability of these resources can change without notice. The DMLP is not responsible for the contents of any site that is not directly under its control. Please notify us if you have information about a resource that should be included in this guide.

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