A Guide to Law

Guide to Law

For aspiring lawyers, the process of applying to and succeeding in law school can be competitive and daunting. This resource is intended to help students understand what to expect, be prepared for their first year, and optimize their performance during that time.

The right law school can make all the difference in your career and life, so it’s important to find the right fit. This guide helps you learn about the best schools for you based on your interests, needs academically and professionally, and lifestyle preferences.

Get ready to practice your legal writing skills with these books that teach you how to write contracts, pleadings, briefs and more. Improve your ability to write clearly and persuasively, and boost your confidence in courtrooms.

Legal History and Constitutional Law

The foundation of a modern state is built on the rule of law. This book explores the idea behind that fundamental principle, tracing the roots of modern states and civilizations.

Game-Changing Supreme Court Cases

This text is a must-have for legal history buffs and students of constitutional law. It offers in-depth coverage of key cases that have changed the way we think about civil rights, labor unions, taxation, freedom of religion, and more.

LSAC’s LGBTQ+ Law School Enrollment Guide

LSAC’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Subcommittee has compiled a list of key questions to help you navigate your law school search as a student with diverse sexual orientation and gender identities. It includes contact information for each of the LSAC member schools to help you connect with admissions counselors, faculty and other students at your schools of interest.

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